I’ve been eagerly waiting for the next update on my favorite JavaScript library, jQuery. I haven’t done any testing, but the list of new features looks very promising:

  • Major performance boost for often used functions like .html(), .remove() or .find().
  • You can pass functions now into even more setter functions and their return value will be added to the appropriate attribute.
  • Many improvements in handling Ajax calls like support for Etags or auto-detection of content-type.
  • Quick element construction similar to dojo.create.
  • New events, focusin and focusout, and a new function jQuery.proxy() that makes handling this in events easier.
  • Many many more…
You can get a quick overview of the changes to the jQuery API if you only want to see which functions have changed or have been added. Or you can go and celebrate the 14 days of jQuery with us. The post for day one gives us a complete and detailed explanation of all the improvements, additions and changes. I can only recommend to read it, it’s very informative and I hope I will be able to start working with the new version soon.

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